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Do you feel like your home or a loved one's home has become completely taken over by junk, collected objects and/or trash? When a house has fallen victim to hoarding, it's time for Junk in My Trunk to step in and perform a full clean out. We will clean out and haul away all of the clutter, junk, trash, and other contents of the home.  Junk In My Trunk cares for the environment and proudly recycles.

Hoarding can take many shapes whether it means over time specific items have compulsively been collected and have now built up to an unmanageable level, or that a home has become completely cluttered and filled with trash and junk.

A&E has recently explored the subject of hoarders on the show "Hoarders" and features full clean outs like the ones pictured below. Junk in My Trunk performs clean outs for hoarding situations and can help you or a loved one get your home back to a clean, organized, and junk & clutter free space!


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